The Studio

The conservator craftsmen at Arlington Conservation bring years of training, experience and dedication to the studio. Each craftsman on the team has his own area of specialisation, yet is also encouraged to innovate, under supervision, to seek out the best solution to achieve the best result.

We are confident that this sharing of professional expertise creates a dynamic and creative environment which gives us an unparalleled ability to undertake even the most complex of conservation and restoration projects.

Arlington Conservation is aware of the responsibility bestowed upon us when a piece of furniture is entrusted to our care. Items are stored both prior to and following conservation in our purpose-built and temperature-controlled storage facility.

We actively promote a clean, light and safe working environment in the studio for the benefit of conservator and furniture alike.

Arlington Conservation has unrivalled expertise in the field of English Furniture as well as European and Anglo-Indian Furniture.


Fine Furniture Conservation & Restoration - Telephone +44 (0)20 7720 3525